Tasty Brands is an operational venture capital fund offering much more than simple cash investment. We work closely with our portfolio of investments to help them improve operations, strengthen their brand, grow their network, and scale quickly while maintaining quality. We believe that good food and good practices go hand-in-hand, and we’re dedicated to helping entrepreneurs thrive in one of the most difficult industries with our network, know-how, and resources.

Founded by Dan Isai and Radu Lupas, Tasty Business brings a management team with more than two decades cumulative experience growing businesses and brands in the HORECA industry, our team knows what it takes to go global in this very competitive industry. We’ve helped build and scale up more than half a dozen restaurant brands, with more than 100 locations, in more than 10 countries, creating more than 1,400 employees. In addition to investing in brick-and-mortar HORECA businesses, we’ve also invested in HORECA technologies.

What do we look for in founders? A relentless determination and an ambition to go global. We’re looking for entrepreneurs that believe in their team and their vision–and have put their money where their mouth is, first investing their own time and resources into the first steps.

If you’re interested to take your HORECA-related business to the next level, get in touch today.